About Us

In keeping with a new fashion movement that has steadily gained ground in India where seasonal trends are being linked intrinsically with local, sustainable resources; 
Vilāsinie by Vineeta reinterprets handloom in chique contemporary designs, The makers are bold and proud women, who’s handwork caters to a higher taste on a creative journey to make their lives meaningful, and independent of others. 
There’s love in the hands that create these designs and the eyes that get inspired by colours. Vineeta Goyal brings to you a handloom story that goes back a hundred years, traversing all corners of our country to curate unique and exclusive collections. They represent India’s finest craft-based designs with her trendy fusions.Be it “Katha” from The Bay combined with Rajasthan’s gorgeous “Bandhani” or “Mashru” from the interiors of Kutch blended beautifully with “Chanderi”. A ‘Made in India’ brand, her ethos is firmly based in reviving the traditional textile heritage of India. Along with her attempts to resonate with regional artisans, All proceeds from her business redirected towards a cause very close to her heart.
We have always pushed ourselves to find gold where we least expect it,
The Vilaasinie team is a unique one just like every style produced by us.
We believe in joy, laughter & fun.
Team Vilaasinie
Our digital and creative team (Mayuri & Manali) works very closely with all the latest social media trends to bring to you the most upcoming designs. Our entire motive is to create for you an outfit that enhances the person you are, hence we keep room for customization in all our designs and we look forward to providing maximum client satisfaction.
On our team of weavers we have inspirational women from suburban Mumbai, working towards financial freedom for themselves and their families. They are trained and mentored in the workshop starting from making simple tassels and latkans right upto the most intricate embroidery.